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Exposing CPA Value, Again and Again

Geraldine's disucssions bring new light to the value CPAs bring businesses and how to maximize that value. Every episode highlights approaches for delivering CPA value.

Empowering, insightful and actionable! 🙌

Whether you’re well established as a CPA, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Geraldine does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thrivin…

So. Much. Value.

Geraldine knocks it out of the park every time! Whether she’s interviewing an industry leader or sharing a concise knowledge-bomb, listening to this podcast is the best time you can spend for bringing value to your practice.

Avid listener

Geraldine is a great interviewer and always has amazing guests! I appreciate her no nonsense approach to getting to the heart of the issue and working through it over and over until the issue is solved. She always provides actionable steps for follow through and growth.

Relatable and concise

I enjoy Geraldine’s authentic approach to problems we all encounter. I like the concise format and conversational tone.

Practical Tips

Geraldine is great at talking about KPIs and practical tips for CPAs and business owners. I love the 2020 planning episode and being intentional with goal setting.

Outstanding Resource!

I recently discovered this podcast and I’ve been recommending it ever since. I love how Geraldine brings her real life into business (triathalon and business models!!) in addition to the wealth of practical information I need (CPA terms 👏🏼👏🏼). This entrepreneur is grateful for the work Geraldine is…

Excellent advice and help!

I look forward to Geraldine’s podcast and her words of wisdom. She provides advice I can directly apply to running my small business and life! I now know my KPIs and periodically lift my head to know where I’m going. I love listening to her drill down to the truths with her on-air coaching calls…

Excellent podcast for women CEOS

I love love love Geraldine’s podcast. Practicle and relatable nuggets of wisdom in each episode. Really enjoyed episode 44!!

Highly perceptive + Honest

I feel like talking to Geraldine would be like taking a truth serum. She has a keen radar for anything off the mark, even when the other person isn’t aware of it. Her perceptive probing often uncovers the truth— no magical thinking or squishy boundaries. Her podcast cuts through all the noise and f…

Not just for women, She Thinks Big can help any business.

Geraldine Carter has an uncanny knack for keeping things simple and infinitely doable. I have found I immediately use her ideas and they pay off. Most importantly, her ideas shape the way I think about and organize my business.

For any woman entrepreneur who needs a friend who just gets it!

Found a treasure! I feel like I’m talking to an old friend over tea! This is such a great companion for any women who is running her own business. Geraldine helps you get unstuck! When those mindset issues and those imposture syndrome thoughts flood in, she helps you to continue to “think big” and …

WONDERFUL podcast!

Geraldine has it all: she's smart, insightful, hilarious, and NOT afraid to push back on those limiting beliefs. I adore how concrete her advice is, and how incredibly practical. For example: the importance of being familiar with your books, how not to have a business based on magical thinking. She…

Finally, a business coach that pays attention to numbers

I love this podcast because Geraldine provides action steps, and talks about the importance of knowing your numbers! Keep up the good work!

Authenticity paired with awesomeness

Geraldine is an incredible host. Her coaching style is confident, comfortable and on point. Geraldine mixes no-nonsense with optimism. A rare combination! We all have big thoughts, Geraldine is helping us each episode get out of our own way to turn our thoughts into action and share with the world.

refreshing and interesting podcast

oh my! i was hooked after listening to one episode. geraldine’s curiosity shines through in her interviews and her thought-provoking nature is shared in each episode. what a great podcast! you just know she’s a superstar coach by listening. thanks geraldine!

Honest and straightforward

Those two words describe Geraldine and the transformative vision she holds for her clients. Great podcast!!!!


Geraldine knows how to ask the right questions to create a conversation w flow and insights. I’m looking forward to following this podcast.

Love this new podcast

Geraldine is a fantastic coach and interviewer. I love how she gets to the core and helps her guests (and listeners) find the solution that will work for them. She questions, she challenges, she advises, so that we all can think bigger.

Key for women entrepreneurs!

Love the topics and guests, love Geraldine! Already this has moved to the podcast I look forward to the most.


Geraldine had helped my business grow in a direction I never thought possible. She helped me stay focus and pushed me to think outside the box. I’m so excited to see where her podcast leads us. I’m here to learn and be inspired.